RomamoR is a specular fragrance in every way.
It is a contemporary reflection of the iconic ROMA fragrance created by Laura Biagiotti in 1988.

30 Anniversary

Laura Biagiotti Parfums

It’s time to celebrate, a time to look back at our story. Our main fragrance ROMA has just turned 30 years old. Born in ROMA, there has always been a relationship between the perfume and the Italian city. They may share the name, but one turns 30 and the other is almost 3000 years old. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this great classic, a new logo has been created, framed in the battlement of the Marco Simone Castle.

Born in 1988, ROMA by Laura Biagiotti immediately became a symbol of Italian life and that unique style, unlike any other in the world.

Laura is a contemporary expression of the romanticism, elegance, and tenderness of the Laura Biagiotti woman. With its delicate notes, this fragrance conveys a sense of innocence, sensuality, and etherealness.