Roma Eau de Toilette Rosa

Fragrance for women

Roma Eau de Toilette Rosa was conceived as a gentle caress for the feminine soul eternally in love with love. Its color reflects the hues, faded by time, of the monuments and palazzos of the Eternal City.

Faithful to the architectural shape of the original Roma fragrance, the Roma Eau de Toilette Rosa bottle differs in color and the packaging is inspired by the infinite nuances of the marble found in Rome.

Rose – the color that symbolizes beauty, tenderness and femininity – expresses a sense of romanticism and love. The pink of peonies and rosebuds immediately brings to mind that blend of strength and fragility which makes the feminine soul more receptive to love.

This floral-fruity fragrance is based on three rose-tinged ingredients that reveal their colorful, vivid personalities in different moments and in different ways: wild berries, peony, and rosebuds.
The olfactory composition reveals a burst of joy and vivaciousness in its head notes, a cocktail of flirtatiousness and sensuality in its heart notes, and a distinct sweetness that gradually emerges in the base notes.


Olfactive family: Floral fruity
Nose: Domitille Bertier